Best Dating Apps of 2019

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Best Dating Apps of 2019

Dating is one of the common things that have gone through a huge makeover because of the advancement of technology. Technology has made dating a lot easier and simpler. Before dating a person we are able to know what are their characteristics and we are able to decide up to certain level whether they will be compatible or not. This is all possible because of technological advancements. If just takes a few clicks for us to select and proceed further. In this article we will see some of the best dating apps of 2019.


Bubble app is available for both iOS and Andriod. In this app the female has to make the first move. The best part about this app is that after connecting with each other you have only 24hrs to make the move. If not, the contact will disappear forever. There are also options for same sex dating and friendly meet ups. You can register by creating an account or you can sign up with your social media accounts. Lots of profiles are being created on a daily basis and it is constantly growing.

constantly growing.


We all know that Tinder played a huge part when it comes to online dating. It literally revolutionized online dating and made a massive change in it. It was recently that it lost the top spot. The app is available for both Android and iOS. It shows the profiles of singles near the location or the location of your choice and we need to pick something from those options. Tinder is giving a lot of upgrades and we are sure that it is here to stay for a long time.

OK Cupid

OK Cupid is a straight forward dating app that has a huge customer base. Some of the important features of OKC is messaging tool, personality quizzes, and instagram integration. If you are premium member there will also be other features that will able to use. If you are luck the cupid will definitely strike the arrow in your chest.

Coffee meets bagel

Coffee meets bagel is one of the famous dating apps. It is very different when compared to the rest of the dating apps. Coffee meets bagel app is concentrating more on quality rather than quality. It does not play the number game. As an everyday routine the app sends a particular number of potential matches. The app allows a 7 day chat for both the profiles. There was also a recent update that is given more options to its users.


Top 3 dating Apps


Askmatch is a free dating app that is available for both Android and iOS. The users can freely setup their profiles and upload the pictures. Every profile will have new matched delivered on a daily basis. You can also see people who have checked your profile and it also has a lot of other options.


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